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Tendo’s Top 100

In a season full of wish lists, we offer a new take on the concept: 100 things for which we are thankful this holiday season. Here’s our list, in no particular order:

  1. Health
  2. Our clients
  3. Our husbands, wives, and significant others
  4. iTunes
  5. YouTube
  6. People who read the Tendo View email newsletter (thanks, Mom!)
  7. The start of Giants’ baseball season at nearby AT&T Park
  8. The end of Giants’ season (so you can park near the Tendo offices)
  9. The M&M dispenser on Emi’s desk
  10. The Tendo kids: Ian, Addie, Luca, and Emmett
  11. Dictionary.com
  12. Clear marketing objectives
  13. Bacon
  14. Casual carpool from the East Bay into the city (and a well-groomed driver)
  15. HP
  16. Coworkers who worship “The Elements of Style”
  17. Former clients
  18. Great bargains in January
  19. The “Star Wars” trumpet solo
  20. Cisco
  21. “The Office”
  22. Content management systems (hey, do YOU want to hand-code every page?)
  23. NPR
  24. Our iPhones (we don’t all have one, but those of us who do are cultish about them)
  25. Firefox
  26. Great email newsletter subject lines that increase open rates
  27. Entertainment Weekly
  28. Craigslist
  29. Spam filters
  30. Noise-cancelling headphones
  31. Metrics
  32. Gmail
  33. CSS
  34. Finn (the occasional Tendo office dog)
  35. Our parents
  36. American Honda
  37. Integrated print/Web strategy
  38. Funny fake news from TheOnion.com and the “Daily Show” (when they’re not on strike)
  39. The curved, ergonomically correct Microsoft keyboard
  40. Those hard-to-score, free, all-day parking spots on South Park near our office
  41. Weekly Tendo Trivia matches
  42. Our hometowns (and the fact that we now live in the Bay Area)
  43. Future clients!
  44. Bishop Ranch
  45. Newsweek
  46. The Metreon and Century San Francisco Center: movie theaters within walking distance of the Tendo offices
  47. Specialty’s (great cookies and free sandwich with every 12 orders)
  48. PowerPoint
  49. Our new HP Color LaserJet 3600
  50. Icanhascheezburger.com
  51. Old friends
  52. New friends
  53. Bookmooch.com
  54. User-generated content
  55. “Heroes”
  56. South Park
  57. Yelp.com
  58. Netflix
  59. Production schedules
  60. Sample sales at Isda & Co.’s factory outlet, shoe sales at Jeremy’s (both conveniently located near Tendo)
  61. Costco
  62. Good sushi
  63. BEA Systems
  64. A tightly wrapped burrito
  65. Whoever threw away that bad cheese in the Tendo fridge
  66. Custom published magazines and newsletters
  67. The proximity (if not reliability) of Muni
  68. The mixture of Coke, Diet Coke, topped off by more Coke from the Shell station convenience store around the corner
  69. The chance to work with cool clients
  70. Japanese game shows
  71. Did we mention bacon?
  72. Wikipedia
  73. The difference between business decision makers and technical decision makers
  74. Client extranets
  75. SFGate.com
  76. “The Wire” (season 4 now on DVD)
  77. Spell check
  78. Microsoft Outlook
  79. This explanation of RSS
  80. MySpace and Facebook (to indulge our inner 18-year old)
  81. The Tendo “cafeterias”: Caffé Centro, What’s Up Dog, Mexico au Parc, South Park Café, Maya, The Butler and the Chef, and Brickhouse
  82. People who say “please” and “thank you”
  83. Coffee
  84. SurveyMonkey
  85. Writing for your audience
  86. That we don’t still look like our high school yearbook photos
  87. Stumbleupon.com
  88. Traveling to see family for the holidays
  89. Staying home for the holidays
  90. That Bay Area football can only get better
  91. Podcasts
  92. Toggl, our time tracking software
  93. Tendo Jargon Watch
  94. “That damned weekly update spreadsheet”—even if only a little bit
  95. SFist.com
  96. Loud, funny coworkers who have a great sense of humor (see #30)
  97. Compelling headlines and teasers that meet character count requirements
  98. Amazon.com
  99. Seriously, good center-cut bacon…it’s delicious
  100. People who leave comments on the Tendo blog

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