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We’ve updated our blog favorites list! See the results in the lower right sidebar. A few of the oldies were goodies enough to keep around, but we’ve also added a lot of fresh voices. To read a brief description of each item, let your mouse icon linger on the name and a label will appear.

It’s always helpful to know what our peers are thinking and saying. Brand Autopsy and the 1-to-1 Blog help keep those branding and marketing ideas churning in our heads. EContent and WebGuild help to maintain our digital technology radars. CopyBlogger and Read/Write Web help keep our writing pencils sharp.

Other blogs are just fun to read. It’s always entertaining to see what dust Jeff Jarvis is kicking up on BuzzMachine or to exercise our creativity muscles on Creative Think.

So, cheers to the mavens and experts out there, taking the time to share their thoughts with the online community. It certainly makes for an enriching online experience and, in many cases, adds to our professional knowledge.

We hope that our Tendo blog provides our readers with some of the benefits that other bloggers give us. So how are we doing? Is there something you’d like to hear about that we haven’t yet discussed? Post a comment and let us know. ―Selena Welz, associate managing editor


September 11, 2007 - Posted by | Selena Welz, Target Audience, Web Content

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