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Content management vs. content strategy

Six years ago on this very website, I wrote an article called “Making the Move to a Content Management System.” Today, many of the ideas contained in the article are quaint. In 2007 content management systems are standard for large sites, and off-the-shelf software like Adobe’s Contribute make content management accessible for even the smallest organizations. Blogs and wikis and community forums are an extension of the CMS infrastructure, which democratized Web publishing.

But like I said back in 2001, a delivery system is not a content strategy. And just because it’s easier to post to the Web doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.

While the stats are fluid (and hotly debated based on methodology), we’re in the neighborhood of 30 billion Web pages now. That’s a big neighborhood. Before you add your content or blog or video to your corporate website, you should put it through a rigorous vetting process. Why are you adding it? What are you hoping to accomplish? Is it providing value to your readers? Will it move you closer to your business objectives? If you can’t answer those questions, don’t post…even if the CMS makes it simple to do so. ―John Kovacevich, VP, marketing services


June 15, 2007 - Posted by | Content Management Systems, Content Strategy, John Kovacevich, Web Content

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