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I’ll admit it: I love TV. I watch everything from network standbys to PBS specials to cable access programming. I’ll watch anything once, no matter how bad it is. I used to feel guilty about all the hours I’ve accrued to attain my couch potato status. No so anymore. These days, TV is teaching me something: how to create a better experience for Tendo’s clients.

Some of the best TV shows are leading the way in providing content-rich experiences online. Programs such as Heroes and Lost are extending their reach by creating brand-new content that adds deeper dimensions and richer context to their story lines. The key concept in that sentence is “brand-new”—the content on these sites goes beyond the simple blogs and episode synopses that most TV show websites routinely provide.

Sites like The Hanso Foundation , Oceanic Flight 815, and YamagatoFellowship.org  feature new material that extends and enhances viewers’ experience in totally new ways. Material such as maps of the island or profiles of historical “heroes” deepens viewer engagement, creating strong relationships between the show and its audience.

Of course, new content doesn’t come cheap, and I’m well aware of how much work went into creating these sites, but I think the payoff speaks for itself. —Chris Zender, VP, creative services


May 22, 2007 - Posted by | Chris Zender, Custom Content, Multimedia, Web Content

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